Kitale, pt​.​2

by Rich Dicas

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Recorded in Kitale, Kenya 2009


released January 5, 2010


all rights reserved



Rich Dicas London, UK

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Track Name: Flowerbomb Factories
In flowerbomb factories
Tiny hands make ends meet
They package in a little box
The power to take their sons
The industry is on our street
Their in our homes, in our homes
Closer than you’d ever think
Hiding behind their guns

The same hands that sake for peace
Are rested on the trigger

Something’s got to change…
We’re running out of time…
Track Name: Emma (She's Still Breathing)
As Ryan tells her story
The pictures freeze her memory
Thea wants to talk about Emma

Only three years old
Choking on her toy
You didn’t give her a chance
To get anything wrong

A fight for life out on the lawn, we’re losing
A mother’s desperation screams “Do Something”
The ambulance has missed it’s chance to save her
Silently with gentle hands you take her

I know You’re in control
But I can’t understand at all
How You’d let this happen to Emma

You closed her innocent eyes
Your hands they hold her tight
You didn’t give her a chance
To get anything wrong

This ugly world deprived of one so lovely
You couldn’t wait anymore time for Emma
Now misted mother’s grieving eyes are seeing
Resting on Your open palm, she’s breathing
She’s still breathing…

You didn’t give her a chance
To separate from Your hands
Thank you for every second
You lent her to this earth.
Track Name: Silly Ode to Wisdom
Silly Ode to Wisdom

Youth is wasted on the young
Who live as life has not begun
If only we had all been told
It’s over by the time we’re old

Beauty’s wasted on the blind
And sight on those with dormant mind
The wisdom of a past disgrace
In latent vessels takes it’s place

Rain is wasted on the ground
And in the lungs of those that drown
Amidst a thirst for something real
In fevered depths of liquid dreams

Money’s wasted on the rich
Paper poverty’s fever pitch
If only someone had just said
That wealth abides inside the head

In truth we are but a waste of space
Entrusted with a time and a place
To live our lives with a worried haste
For a legacy of a better place
Track Name: Rumah Perlindungan
Cutting up the vegetables
Breathing in this place
The beat of the drum
Is the basketball thump
I’ve never felt so safe

Child fists force the teardrops
Still learning how to play
Peeling the masks
Of a stolen past
Returning day by day

These children are a letter
Written in the scars
The ending sees
Their sorrows ease
Collecting the broken shards

Shaking fearful habits
Holding healing hands
The refuges
Begin to see
This house isn’t built on sand

With a light in the distance between
Uncovering things yet unseen
A place to forget your regrets
Swept up now
In the heat of the evening sun
You might think the day’s just begun
And throw all the covers aside
With open eyes, you’ll realise
It’s so good
And Oh my God
Now I have seen
All this time
You were right next to me
Right next to me
Waiting so patiently

They call this place a crisis home
An orphan’s family
With honest eyes
You’ll realise
They’re just like you and me

The roof is made of kindness
Home is with the heart
We’re all broken, bruised and needing
A place to fall apart…
Track Name: Leaves on the Bridge
My clothes are now still wet
From when you and I first met
When stranger’s palms did hold
Your hands back from the cold

I try to make some sense out of your silence
But the distance in between us seems too wide now

I am still
Sat on that bridge with a chill
Thinking the summer’s hard to find
‘Cos you’re almost off my mind

Eyes held in between
Our love held on a leaf
It was carried by the breeze
And swept up in the stream

I try to make some sense out of your silence
But the distance in between us seems too wide now

I won’t stay
Sat on that bridge another day
Because there’s summer love to find
And your almost off my mind
And I have to walk away
‘Cos my hands have been replaced

I think it’s time to wake up…